Best Paddle Board Models of 2022

John Froiland

September 25, 2022


The following models are great choices if you’re in the market for a new paddle board. These models have great design features, are durable, and provide a good balance between cost and performance. Red Paddle Co’s Voyager, Bluefin Cruise Carbon, and Funwater’s Fun water XT are all great options.

Red Paddle Co. Voyager

The Voyager paddle boards from Red Paddle Co. are designed for adventurers who enjoy exploring the outdoors. With their V-Hull system, they offer more efficiency and glide. They also have extra volume and stability in all conditions. The 12-foot model, for instance, can handle a child or a dog in the front.

In addition to its high sides, the Voyager paddle board has an innovative water release system. The color-matched square edge of the tail encourages a clean release of water, which increases the speed and glide. It also prevents water from sucking up into the tail and causing drag. Hence, this SUP model is the best choice for any level of paddler.

There are three models of Red Paddle Co Voyager paddle boards available. The Sport is an all-rounder with the premium build quality and is ideal for touring. The Thrive paddle board is another premium touring model. The Sport is designed to provide stability and speed and is priced at $1,749.

Red Paddle Co. also incorporates advanced technology into its designs. To create a high-quality board, they carefully examine different areas of the production process. This enables them to improve the end product. Red Paddle Co. also focuses on the inside of the board and specializes to these areas.

Bluefin Cruise Carbon

The Cruise Carbon is a high-end paddle board with an expansive deck pad. It features a V-hull design that breaks up water tension, making paddling a breeze, especially on choppy ocean waters. The paddle board has three fins: two smaller ones permanently affixed to the rails and a center fin that can be removed for convenience. It is a great choice for beginners, thanks to its wide platform and comfortable deck pad.

The Cruise Carbon 12 paddle board has a 12-foot length and 32-inch width. It features a higher volume than other models in its price range, giving it increased stability and speed in various paddling conditions. This board also features a gradual sidecut, as well as a pointed nose and a squared-off tail profile. The increased volume and directional stability make it an excellent choice for touring and use in smaller lakes or rivers.

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon paddle board is easy to transport and includes a convenient backpack. The board has a kick pad and a fixed GoPro mount on the nose. It is versatile and can easily be converted from a paddleboard to a kayak in a few minutes.

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon paddle board model for the 2022 season boasts several upgraded features. The carbon side rails and Air Duo double-action chamber inflation are great for beginners, and the board is more durable and reliable than its predecessors.

Fun water

Fun water paddle boards come in many sizes and shapes, making them a versatile option for paddlers of all skill levels. Many models have adjustable aluminum or composite paddles. They are durable and often very heavy but can fold to fit the width of the board. If you’re looking for a lighter and stiffer paddle board, consider one made of carbon fiber.

One of the most popular inflatable paddle boards for 2022 is the iRocker All-Around. It comes with a premium, top-brand board, a dual-chamber pump, removable fins, a wheeled bag, a carbon-fiber paddle, and additional storage options such as D-rings and cargo bungees. The board also comes with a generous deck pad.

Another model is the up. This 11-foot paddle board comes with a travel bag, coil safety leash, high-pressure hand pump, three fins, and a carbon-fiber paddle and nylon blade. It also comes with 15 D-rings, making it easy to take it anywhere. This makes it ideal for families and other groups of paddlers. The iSUP also offers easy-to-use accessories such as paddles.

If you’re looking for a budget paddle board, you can go with the FunWater 11 and Bote Breeze Aero. Both of these paddle boards offer stability, durability, and higher performance. Then, if you’re looking for a high-end paddle board, you can choose a more expensive model, such as the Red Paddle Co. Voyager+ MSL or Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12.